Emulex LPe31002-M6-D Host Bus Adapter


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The Emulex LPe31000 16Gb Fiber Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) by Broadcom are designed to address the demanding performance,reliability and management requirements of modern networked storage systems that utilize high performance and low latency solid state storage drives. Fiber Channel is known as the gold standard for network storage connectivity in enterprise and cloud deployments. The Emulex LPe31000 FC HBAs offer higher performance,lower latency,enhanced diagnostics and manageability that benefit 16GFC environments. Unique to Fiber Channel technology is its deep ecosystem support making it ideal for large scale,easy to manage storage deployments. Users can count on a complete suite of management software,in-box drivers for mainstream server operating systems,software defi ned storage APIs and tools,and the strength to support high service level agreement (SLA) applications