Dell – Security cable – for Latitude E6330, E7270, E7470, Precision T5500, T7500, Precision Mobile Workstation M6700


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Locking mechanism The lockhead simply ‘clicks’ onto the Security Anchor. The ClickSafe locking mechanism fastens perfectly to the anchor reducing leverage opportunities and making it impossible to remove or tamper with the anchor.   The Kensington Security Anchor The Security Anchor is designed for a secure fit and simple locking, even when the anchor is in an awkward position. The Security Anchor attaches to the industry standard Kensington Security Slot in a matter of moments. The tough metal injection moulded alloy anchor is perfectly shaped for the securest engagement with the ClickSafe locking mechanism.   Pivot and rotation The lockhead pivots 180° and rotates a full 360° around the cable. The combined effect is one of complete flexibility and convenience.   Tamper Resistant An advanced rotating disc-locking mechanism with thousands of possible key combinations is used making ClickSafe one of the most tamper-resistant locks.   Kensington security logo A visual deterrent to any would be thief. This lock is made by Kensington, the inventors of laptop security.   Precision locking mechanism The precision spring loaded locking mechanism is chrome plated to protect against corrosion and wear and protected by the lock head’s all metal body.   Master keyed Administrator access with user keys. A master key opens all locks. For an extra layer of control ClickSafe locks are available in master keyed and single keyed configurations. Please contact your local sales representative for more details.   Key registration Online key code registration and replacement service in the event of loss. Each lock includes a spare key.